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Industrial Training Institute Mandi is founded by Major His highness’s Raja Sir Joginder Sen Bahadur KCSI, Ruler of Mandi State on 14th Besakh 1995 (1939 E) . The Institute is named by Major His highness’s Raja Sir Joginder Sen Bahadur KCSI, Ruler of Mandi State as “Silver Jubilee Technical Institute” (well Known as Technical Institute in the region at that time) on the completion of twenty five years of his rule on Mandi state.The institute is formally opened by Hon’able Mr. C P Ckrine, OBE, ICS Resident for the Punjab State on 3rd Kartic, 1996 (1941 E) to the general public of the Mandi State.

Institute has trained thousands of trainees. This is the oldest Training Institute of Himachal Pradesh. The Institute was run by GOI before 1971. The institute was firstly placed under Ministry of Labour and Employment Government of Himachal Pradesh and later Placed under Department of Technical Education, Vocational and Industrial Training, Himachal Pradesh. The Institute is Affiliated to National Council for Vocational Training.


Our mission is to produce world class trained work force. As India is second largest populated country in the world. We at ITI Mandi are working hard to tap this strength of the Nation. We are also committed to implement the policy of maximum utilization of machinery and equipment of the institute by introducing third shift from 2010-11 and making institute available for training from 6 :00 am to 10:00 pm.

Principal’s Desk

pdeskI personally believe that Industrial Training Institute Mandi is imparting world class training and skills to its trainees. The skills, which we impart to the students, would make them self-reliant, independent and enterprising. We here at ITI Mandi also ensure the overall personal development of the trainees so that they can adjust well in the industrial environment and work responsibly for the industry and society as well.

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply
Willing is not enough; we must do” :- Goethe

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